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Hi, I´m Peta,

An old soul empath; mystic, truth-seeking yogi; and voice of positive Planetary change. I am intent on LIVING out the rest of this incarnation exploring the luxury of my Divinity by anchoring into New Earth Divine flow. Tapping into the Loving Kindness & Sacred Prosperity that has become available to us through the healing times we have chosen to be here for.

Like so many dedicated light workers rising up to lead others to a more awakened, love-based reality, I have had to claw my way out of some deep, dark potholes as I have walked the Heroine´s journey to sovereignty, empowerment and freedom - facing my own shadows, clearing & healing through the layers of reprogramming my internal operating system.

Remembering; rising; glimpsing Prosperity flow for a time; reaching for the next stepping stone of my ascent into a higher vibration of my purpose and expression… hitting resistance & fear…slipping back, forgetting…you know the drill.

And through it all, I found my way back into Love and the Light of God & Gaia. I learned to accept & love myself enough to take back my power and give myself permission to invest my time in what I love. And what I truly love, and get the most fulfilment from, is designing & crafting unique Spiritual Quest Journeys and helping conscious coachers, healers & new thought leaders up-level and anchor into the New Earth energetics.

To me, the magic of a Spiritual Quest Journey is in the difference between BEing within the stones of Stonehenge to activate the energy of your transformational retreat with private access, over arriving with your pre-bought entrance ticket and the public, only to realise that you cant move freely amongst the stones and have to stay outside of the roped off sacred site…

It is the difference between having a glass of chilled champagne on a carpet laid out in the Sahara Desert by your 5 star hotel and the epic adventure of being at the largest Temple in the world, Karnak Temple at Sunrise - just you and your group being guided by a globally recognised indigenous wisdom keeper…

It is about crafting simple pleasures along the way that help build a beautiful safe container to take your Transformational travel offering to new heights.

And. It it also about the level of Shakti & focus you are personally willing to spend on the business side of your travel offering and the value you put on self-care. The difference between doing everything yourself, having no where to turn when the unexpected shows up and having complete peace of mind on the travel side so you can focus on showing up fully embodied & present to deliver your teachings.

There is also a big difference between selling a tour and crafting a transformation container for those who feel the Divine call to participate.

And for those that answer your call and show up, its the difference between theory and deep, rich, life-changing experience.

The positive results and lasting change speak for themselves. Living LOVE is the key!


spiritual quest journeys is for:

New Earth leaders wanting to embrace travel as part of their transformational offering and who are:

  • Calibrating to the new way of THRIVING

  • Aligning to New Earth energetics

  • Desiring to explore magic & mysteries through travel

  • Craving a deep spiritual connection and appreciates luxury, grace and beauty

  • Daring to be visible, make a global impact with their transformational offering and

  • Enjoying life to the fullest.


To activate transformational travel dreams through done-for-you travel services; ascension alchemy & support as you anchor into your new normal of life-changing, luxurious live tours, retreats & events. Taking a stand for prosperity; collaboration and magical global lifestyles as the Piscean patriarchal energies fade and we ascend to the sacred union between masculine & feminine energies.

As featured in:

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If I think about it, travel is in my blood. I was born into an innovative travel family so it was natural for me to join the industry at 21.

My Dad, Jon Panos, was the founder of Autotours in London and amongst being involved in many aspects of tourism, was the first fly in tour operator to Northern Botswana when he founded Gametrackers.

My folks met and married after my Dad sold my Mom a skiing trip on her European gap year.

read my personal story here




Humanity realising that there is another way, that we are all one and the real free will is a vibrational choice.

With the planet ascending, new frequencies at a higher vibration are now accessible to us. Access is granted through the gateway of self love & acceptance. Claiming sovereignty and freedom. Then sharing what we have learnt on our own journeys with those that have the ears to hear.

I take a stand for:

  • Loving Kindness & Sacred Prosperity

  • Harmony! Especially between head & heart connection

  • Heart-centred, fun & celebration in business & life

  • Celebrating our differences as people & our congruencies as humans

  • Anchoring Light as conscious custodians of The New Earth

  • Sovereignty & freedom

  • A high vibrational resonance with all those I collaborate with.

my toolkit:

  • 21 years mainstream tourism experience

  • 10 years online transformational tours, coaching & healing experience

  • Trusted partners on the ground in each destination

    being able to bridge spirituality and business

  • A lifetime of seeking the magic through the forward momentum of spiritual, mystical travel experiences. Holistic Wellness & retreats.

  • Experiencing & experimenting with diverse healing modalities & treatments.

  • Ascension Alchemy as a well trained Priestess, Reiki Master Healer, New Earth way shower and a myriad of other labels that will tell you I have gone down many rabbit holes.