what is the new earth?

Our planet has been ascending in her own right - its why humanity is awakening. We have been shifting out of the Patriarchy (with its hierarchy, military mindset & competition) and into a more enLIGHTened age, where the frequency of Loving Kindness and Divine Prosperity are available to us.

The Patriarchal ways of relating to others (in life & business) are no longer supported on the planet. For an in-depth overview, characteristics & mindset understanding of the old ways and New Earth ways, please go to The New Earth blogpost:

The earth warriors of Light & Love that I collaborate with as Journey Leaders are the coaches, healers & new thought leaders that have liberated themselves from the old Patriarchy and are aligning to New Earth energetics - now coming from a place of personal empowerment rather than their wounding.

We have been on our own ascension & healing journeys to free ourselves from the past and now lead others who are awakening and stuck in a similar place to where we were. Our teaching, healings, way-showing in its many forms, is the transformative work we need to continue to raise the vibration within the mass consciousness.

Earth warriors seek love as their leader and wisdom as their guide. We trust and surrender to the flow, understanding that life happens FOR us and not TO us.

whats so great about transformational travel?

When you travel in luxurious flow, with a high vibrational flow of meticulous attention to detail plus as much focus on the Inner as the outer journey, transformation is inevitable. Transformational Travel is life-changing and because its rolling out in the physical, helps you to expand your perspective, experience miraculous shifts AND anchor into your next level of the Prosperity frequency.

  • As humanity is awakening, we are realising the need for a balanced lifestyle and are taking the time for spiritual rejuvenation to heal mind, body and soul. Real experiences transform knowledge into wisdom.

  • When people are off the day to day hamster wheel, forward momentum & newness helps you process and heal: easier, deeper & quicker. There is also no astral gravity from people & places holding you back in old habits that no longer serve you.

  • Your perceptions shift (AKA Miracles) as you have new experiences, meet different cultures and open up to new mindsets

  • You have time & space to focus on your inner journey (guided and personal)

  • When anchoring your healing Light in power places, you receive an imprint of the sacred geometry of the sacred site in your energetic field. This can activate soul memories, cleanse Karma and help your awaken further.

What if its just me or two of us?

My offering is primarily designed for groups in conjunction with established New Earth leaders, however, depending on the destination, I have collaborative relationships with many other spiritual travel organisers who offer set departures where you can book on as individuals or couples. I also send out newsletters with upcoming Spiritual Quest Journeys details so be sure to sign up or please send me an email and I´ll be happy to assist you select a tour or point you in the right direction.

how big does my group need to be?

Generally speaking and to achieve a realistic selling price, your groups needs to be a minimum of 8 full paying guests for your tour costs to be included.

What if something goes wrong?

It helps to remember that every time you ask a what if? question about the future, its often anticipatory fear of the unknown. If it doesn´t stop you and you can shine the light on it, that fear will bring up some grounded questions worth asking, and this question is a natural one to ask:

Let me start by saying that as an independent, transformational travel organiser, I am meticulous about choosing the right partners on the ground, to the best of my ability, to ensure that no matter what happens, they are on it immediately, have the right procedures in place and hold the relevant insurances and public liability.

That said, I love the feeling of being in organised flow and follow the methodology of mindful crafting with attention to detail, grace and flow of every itinerary I do. I add in the touches of magic that wow and are woven into a beautiful flowing tapestry of a high vibrational experience.

Yet, as seamless as we can be in our organisation, when it comes to travel, there comes a time of handing it over and allowing the “what is”. These are the initiations that always come and it helps to anchor into the trust that all is moving in the direction of positive personal evolution. Knowing that All is as its meant to be.

In my experience, the unexpected opportunity & challenges often bring the biggest gifts.

How can I work with you?

In a number of ways:

From a standard tour organiser collaboration to a fully supported concept to creation mentorship for special events, tours & retreats Click here for more information on options available to you.