how we can work with you:

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transformational tours & retreats

If you have ever experienced transformational travel and taped into the magical flow where everything rolls out in Divinely aligned synchronicity (even the crunchy bits), you will know the powerful impact intentional travel has. Physically real & lasting transformation!

We craft bespoke Transformational Travel to Sacred Sites & magical places in various destinations around the world. They vary from:

Spiritual Quest Journeys; sacred sojourns; Authentic Soul Adventures; Pilgrimages (call them what you will, they are generally 5 to 15 day intentionally crafted, transformational immersions, engineered for high vibe travel flow)

Stay put Healing Retreats (from yoga to plant medicine)

and sometimes, a combination of both in one experience.

Every journey is crafted specially for the purpose it is being created. We are known for balancing the inner and outer journeys with flair, plus simple pleasure & delightful surprises along the way keep the vibration high and pure.

You start to rise up when you say YES to prioritising your desires, are willing to take SMART action and shaking up your surroundings in a big, exciting way!

We can work with you in two ways:

If you are looking to collaborate with an expert tourism partner who deciphers what you are looking for and translates it into a well balanced itinerary: We craft a unique & innovative container for your transformational travel project, with all the organising & project management it entails, giving you peace of mind on the travel side so you can focus on your work delivery.

If you are looking for deeper support, accountability & alignment, I offer a mentorship program that is active throughout our working together. This covers all the tourism support you need from concept to creation, as well as ascension & alignment alchemy as you move through the personal & spiritual growth you will naturally go through by taking the bold and courageous step of expanding into something new.

If you are excited as I am by combining transformational and travel, I look forward to hearing from you!

“My relationship with Peta began two decades ago. We had lost touch until August 2016 when Peta and I joined forces and she organised my Scared Site Tours. Our trips to Sedona, England and Scotland were awesome. Peta has an incredible knack of intuitively knowing what her clients' needs are and her taste and quality of service are impeccable. Thank you, Peta, for an awesome work relationship. Looking forward to more trips organised by you!”

Michelle Manders - Aurora Online Ascension Academy

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sacred elopements & special occasion travel

If you are a Light seeker wishing for a unique, meaningful sacred elopement, destination wedding or celebrating a special occasion with your nearest & dearest, we have your back. After all, the joy is found in the journey!

Some combine their special occasion with some touring to visit meaningful places to honour their roots, before their chosen sacred vow ceremony and others simply enjoy spending quality time together before and after the event.

Spiritual Quest Journeys can assist with all travel arrangements in the destination, sacred ceremonies, flower ordering, photography and a beautiful array of hand crafted gifts and decor.

Every aspect of your special occasion is personalised and arranged with attention to detail and heartfelt sentiment.

Sacred Union elopement, ceremonies & honeymoons

Crafted special occasion adventures

Special interest travel with purpose

Mother & Daughter retreats

Multi - generational groups

Currently offered in Ireland & parts of Africa. Other destinations may be available on request.

“Since I was a little boy, I dreamt about a far off mystical place where ancient stones were raised. I did not know that place existed and was called Stonehenge.

Mexico city: when I virtually met Peta, my dream came alive again. I prepared for and with my group, with her guidance and enthusiasm. When the dates were decided, she put me in touch with Glenn Broughton, as he would be my guide there.

London: when I arrived, Glenn was warm and patient and shared with me amazing stories about London, crop circles and his amazing life path. Arriving at Stonehenge was magical. Glenn is a wise man! He taught me everything about the place: the history and the myths involved in this wonderful area. My soul was very touched by being there and Glenn showed compassion and a great heart. He understood the deep meaning it had for me to be there.  I’m deeply grateful to have found Spiritual Quest Journeys and Peta, through whom I met Glenn. A great team!!!

When I plan my next trip for the ancient paths, I will contact Peta again!!!”

Emilio Hernandez - Mexico City  

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tourism & HOSPITALITY industry consulting

As a former CEO who has successfully turned around a number of businesses, Peta well understands the demands and stress of corporate leadership positions and what one needs to master to be successful in a passion based business.

With over 30 years of tourism experience, both mainstream & online, and with the desire to help hospitality & tourism businesses navigate these times of change, I am available for short term consultation projects and can assist with:

Fast tracking your business upgrade into New Earth reality AKA getting you where you want to go with ease & flow

Crafting bespoke adventures mentorship

Holistic wellness & retreat consulting

High level corporate shaman (business soul strategy & business rescue) consulting

Transition from the old Patriarchy success methodology, which is no longer being supported on the planet) to thriving in New Earth consciousness of Unity & Prosperity and deeper heart-centred living.

To get an idea of my perspective of business flow, please read:

The New Earth and Spirituality in Business - Pipedream or X-Factor?

“Pete Panos was engaged to help us find the synergy amongst the people after a difficult Merger. She brought a much needed dimension to the wider challenge and worked extremely well with the more traditional mindsets and skill sets. 

Her vast, hands-on experience of corporate structure is essential, however it is her role as a “corporate Sharman” that she is most valuable. With a variety of gentle yet persuasive techniques she steered us to the point that even the most entrenched opinions, moved to a place of wider understanding and self awareness. Much more than business advice and conflict resolution, this is something that enhances corporate careers.”

Peter Silvester - Royal African Safaris