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You want support crafting a magical retreat or sacred sojourn to facilitate the transformations that always come when you and your soul mate clients get together in the physical.

You know the value of processing and healing in a high vibrational setting that eases the journey back into Love.

Perhaps you have a transformational offering and want to add travel, you just dont know where to start or you have gone it alone in the past and have some trepidation about the extra work you need to put in on the business side. Or perhaps, past trips, where you tried to do everything yourself, have left you exhausted and disappointed.

I bring a lifetime of magical travel experience & tourism know how. Coupled with my little black book of wisdom keepers and trusted Destination Management Companies, I help you bridge the inner and outer journey into a dance of creation in Love and Light.

My pleasure is to experience all the transformational travel opportunities that flow to me and I´ve spent a lifetime experiencing and experimenting with wellness and healing modalities so I´ll bring my worldliness, intuition and tourism know-how. I show you the way from concept to creation.

All you need is commitment to your transformational travel desire and confidence that you will magnetise the group that you feel called to serve in this way - you generally only need 8 sign ups to cover your tour costs and confirm a departure, however, please be aware that we do charge a non-refundable Design fee (which gets put towards the tour) once we have made a decision to move forward) .

If this is what you have been hoping for, I invite you to take the next step.

My team and I look forward to connecting!

Sat Nam


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