"For a few decades I ran a very successful luxury adventure tour company, Nature Encounters. Our clients and friends were mainly very seasoned, sophisticated travelers looking for amazing destinations off the beaten path, which we found for them over and over and over again … I would say 95% of our guests were repeat clients. Needless to say it was a challenge, or so it seemed to them. For us, it was easy. One call to Peta Panos and we were able to throw together incredible itineraries that seemed effortless ….. and it was. Peta is always on top of the travel game, knows every nook and cranny there is to know, sources the most knowledgeable and fun guides, top-of-the line destinations and best of all, she knows the easiest and most interesting ways to get there. Her suggested “transfers” are sometimes the best part of the journey.”

— Caren Banks, tourism consultant, USA

"I met Peta Panos over 20 years ago in South Africa, we connected straightaway as we both were in a search of a different way to promote tourism; back then our partner associate were mainly focused on quick revenues, not Peta! Even though she was ascending the African tourism Gotha she had an inclination towards searching: searching for authenticity, off-the-beaten-path itineraries and experiences; Peta Panos was by far a predecessor of today’s experiential travel. In 1998, Peta was the first entrepreneur to promote and invest in Southern Africa with an holistic wellness brochure, when holism and wellness were foreign concepts; likewise she anticipated social responsible tourism in 2003 with cultural-ethnographic itineraries to unveil the millennia-old San culture.

After a decade as one of the leading tourism figures in Southern Africa, Peta felt her mission was accomplished and went onto another search; we are now witnessing a new step in tourism and self awakening: spiritual journeys. Peta is one of those enlightened minds that literally travels ahead of our times comprehending people’s needs and the swifts in social moods.

I highly recommend anyone to enlist in her journeys, Peta won’t fail you.

— ico inanc, Il Viaggio Journeys & voyages, Milan, italy


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Peta Panos since she was a young girl in South Africa. After Peta had completed her high school studies she decided to join the family safari business. A company that pioneered luxury tented camps and fly in safaris to Botswana and South Africa.

Peta joined the team as a junior sales rep. On her first day in the office Peta approached her father and asked what her salary will be and what the sales budget was. She was told that there would be a very small salary and there definitely was no sales budget!

Needless to say, this did not deter young Peta and she went on to become the Managing Director of the company 10 years later. Peta did not stop there and after being MD of Welcome Tourism Services for some time, continued further to become the CEO of the largest tourism company in Sub Sahara Africa for 5 years. Peta now lives in Norway and is following her heart with an amazing tour company.

I am very excited about Peta’s adventure Spiritual Quest Journeys. With great itineraries like Crop Circles Tours in Southern England, Goddess Retreats in Malta & mythical Scotland. The list goes on. Anyone who misses these opportunities has lost out on a great adventure.

I know that this is Peta´s passion and she has many more of these excursions in store around the world. I have no doubt that she will give many, more people an adventure of a lifetime.”

— howard zagnoiev, hzag business consultants, united kingdom

“ I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Peta both professionally and as a friend for nearly a decade, and am excited that her long time dream of launching Spiritual Quest Journeys has come to fruition. Peta has been passionate about her own spiritual quest for most of her life and she has known for a long time, that to embark on the next stage of her personal journey, she would give up her very successful career in mainstream tourism (Peta headed up the largest travel consortium in Southern Africa) to focus on a life that will bring together her three great passions in life: traveling, spiritual enlightenment and teaching. Peta’s spirituality has influenced every aspect of her life and has provided a sound foundation on which she has built a very successful life encompassing family, friends and her career. In addition to being a great mentor and life coach, Peta is a wonderful friend with an incredible capacity for fun, and I can’t think of anyone that I would like more to take me on a journey of discovery, spiritual or otherwise”

— martin botha, chief operating office, tourvest destination management, south africa

“ I have known Peta Panos for over 30 years, first as a business competitor then a colleague and for the last 15 years, as a dear friend.  We’ve both been in the travel industry for many years and the way Peta conducts herself in business has always impressed me.  Her exceptional business acumen aside, Peta has always operated with ethics, honesty and passion and is a true role model.  She is a person of the highest integrity and a truly great and inspiring leader.

Her communication skills, both verbal and written are excellent.  Peta also has a wonderful sense of humour and it is always a pleasure to be in her company.

She has great depth of character and is both empathetic and perceptive.  Her ability to analyse any situation and come up with the most appropriate, and often the most creative, solution is unique.

I have been fortunate to have traveled with Peta on a number of occasions in South Africa, Canada, Italy and Zanzibar.  I could not ask for a better travel companion.  Her ability to build rapport with people of all ages and from vastly different backgrounds has meant we have met wonderful and interesting new friends.  She has a great sense of adventure and is always open to new experiences.  She is adaptable and flexible when circumstances require and she is a generous, positive and caring companion. I’m blessed to have Peta as a friend.”

— moira smith, general manager, goway, canada

“After 35 years of knowing Peta both professionally, and as a close personal friend as we have explored our own personal spiritual quests together. Every time I chat with her, I come away with an elevated sense of wellbeing and think to myself – WOW……..this is what being touched by energy WOW factor feels like!  I feel light, uplifted and full of spiritual wellbeing, eager to live every moment of life enthusiastically and with gratitude.

Peta radiates the powerful energy of a soul in love with life’s mysterious journey, where living becomes a joyous delight, spontaneously and exuberantly shared with all those who encounter her.

As an emergent author, this talented lady is not only a highly competent and charming business person, she is now sharing her own experiences and wisdom in a compendium of teachings and meditations. Crafting her Spiritual Quest Journeys into real time, Peta has drawn on her considerable travel business experience, merging her joy in all things into the structure of each one of her inspirational Spiritual Quest Journeys. An enchanting and rewarding blend of travel and spirituality.

How I look forward with delight to the fun of participating in a SQJ, and enjoying the camaraderie of like minded beings. The Universe is yielding rich treasures through Peta – let us let them in!”

— penny rawson, australia

“It has been my great privilege and pleasure to have traveled to wonderful spots in this world with Peta. Her wisdom, humour and positive energy is inspiring. People look for a nudge, or a push, an insight, or support to take the next leap in direction, in purpose.

Looking to shift from dominant discourse away from keeping us restrained on this physical plane.

We won’t have many breakthroughs unless we nurture – and nudge – each other. Peta does all that for me and so, was overjoyed to learn that Peta has spread her wings to creating her own spiritual quests. I am really looking forward to growing the trees of knowledge, raising our vibrations through new adventures, together.  Malta…. here we come!” 

— ute latzke, munich, germany

“Since I was a little boy, I dreamt about a far off mystical place where ancient stones were raised. I did not know that place existed and was called Stonehenge.

Mexico city: when I virtually met Peta, my dream came alive again. I prepared for and with my group, with her guidance and enthusiasm. When the dates were decided, she put me in touch with Glenn Broughton, as he would be my guide there.

London: when I arrived, Glenn was warm and patient and shared with me amazing stories about London, crop circles and his amazing life path. Arriving at Stonehenge was magical. Glenn is a wise man! He taught me everything about the place: the history and the myths involved in this wonderful area. My soul was very touched by being there and Glenn showed compassion and a great heart. He understood the deep meaning it had for me to be there.  I’m deeply grateful to have found Spiritual Quest Journeys and Peta, through whom I met Glenn. A great team!!!

When I plan my next trip for the ancient paths, I will contact Peta again!!!”

— emilio hernandez, mexico city

“The trip in S.Ireland was all that I had hoped it would be. The places we went to were amazing, even though I grew up in N. Ireland and had travelled all over S. Ireland by bicycle when I was a teenager, I was in awe at these ancient sacred places, most of them I didn’t know existed.
I know that I made a connection to the land and its history that has added a new spiritual dimension to my life.

Peta, thank you for putting this trip together. I would recommend it to anyone.

Cameron and Glenn are great tour guides, I felt very comfortable with them we also had a lot of fun, and they had great patience when anything unforeseen happened.”

— beth wilson, canada

“Organisation was excellent. Every-thing was perfect considering plans can change at the last minute in Egypt. The most valuable aspect of the tour was the spiritual element and I feel blessed to have been part of a life changing experience.

Deep gratitude from me Peta, from the very first email we exchanged, you showed such a professional style along with warmth. It’s exactly how I like to do business! When I pulled out of the tour in the beginning, you left the door open for me to return. And I did. Thank you for every-thing!”

— francesca abbonizio, australia

“A beautiful group of loving people who made the journey a great success. We were well taken care of.”

— klaus rahikainen, finland

“Fantastic journey of enlightenment – I loved it so much more than I hoped for – it was a beautiful journey of sharing.”

— nancy Willmore, Australia

“I would do it all over again – Fantastic experience! Thank you, Thank-you, Thank-you”

— Chris Fraracci, Canada

“I loved it! A great, packed to the rim trip. It was extra special to get into places the general public don’t normally go. Much gratitude and appreciation.”

— Brenda Polzler, Canada

“Thank-you! An experience of a lifetime and a life changing experience. I feel very humbled to share these moments with the beautiful people of Egypt.”

— Helen Bryan, Australia

“My cup runneth over on this – my journey of blessings!

I cant imagine myself travelling anywhere as “just a tourist” ever again. To be able to journey here “with a purpose” and connectedness is priceless”!

— Lyn Montel, Australia

“The combination of people bringing this opportunity together was great. All bases were covered: spiritual, travel, cultural. I loved the fact that we used all modes of transport which involved local people.”

— Christa Khuhne, Australia

“Great work! A blessed time we had in Egypt with every-body.”

— Paul Willmore, Australia

“Good opportunity to balance travel and spiritual activity”

— Ron Gomes, USA

“Most valuable aspect of the tour? To experience the love and light in the Aywan family household and the activations Fiona did – no words can describe what a beautiful mega-star she is. Thank you for a beautiful experience.”

— janice Wright, Australia

“I returned from my Spiritual Quest Journey to Egypt just on a month ago and I am still buzzing.

This was a fabulous trip, taking in everything I had wished to see. A big part of making this such a great holiday was the organisational skills of Peta Panos.

Even on the very rare occasion where a change had to be made, it was done in consultation with the tour group and we were kept informed as to exactly what was changing and what would replace it.

It all seemed to work seamlessly and I want to thank Peta and the ground crew in Egypt for the most wonderful time with the most wonderful people.

And I learned things that have changed my whole outlook on ancient Egypt and on the Egyptian people.

Thanks for the best times. I will be back touring with you.”

— Leigh Firman, Australia

“I came to Sedona to sight see and discovered myself! What a life enhancing experience – Thank you!”

— karen Christensen, USA

“This has been a life changing experience for me. I have had the most amazing journey in Sedona. With the guidance and knowledge of our wonderful leaders, Peta and Charlotte, I will forever be grateful for this gift.”

— Margaret Mastromatteo, USA

“My relationship with Peta began two decades ago. We had lost touch until August 2016 when Peta and I joined forces and she organised my Scared Site Tours. Our trips to Sedona, England and Scotland were awesome. Peta has an incredible knack of intuitively knowing what her clients' needs are and her taste and quality of service are impeccable. Thank you, Peta, for an awesome work relationship. Looking forward to more trips organised by you!”

— michelle manders, aurora online ascension academy

“Pete Panos was engaged to help us find the synergy amongst the people after a difficult Merger. She brought a much needed dimension to the wider challenge and worked extremely well with the more traditional mindsets and skill sets. 

Her vast, hands-on experience of corporate structure is essential, however it is her role as a “corporate Sharman” that she is most valuable. With a variety of gentle yet persuasive techniques she steered us to the point that even the most entrenched opinions, moved to a place of wider understanding and self awareness. Much more than business advice and conflict resolution, this is something that enhances corporate careers.”

— Peter Silvester - Royal African Safaris

“Peta and I were invited to analyse and offer solutions for a tourism group bereft with conflict between its leadership and its stakeholders, and within the leadership of the various companies following a traumatic merger. From different angles, different expertise, and different backgrounds we devised an approach to help solve the conflicts and realign the stakeholders with each other, the business model and the vision of the group.

Peta’s thoughtful analysis of the psychology of each individual, from the top to the bottom of the group, her presentation methods and coaching, whether at the individual or communal level, permitted a successful realignment of each stakeholder with the company’s purpose and vision.

When we were done, the results were beyond our most optimistic scenarios. Having Peta coaching each and everyone at this difficult time in the group’s history was invaluable and delivered results a simple business approach may not have been able to deliver on its own.”

— Pierre-André Mourgue d’Algue - gonet & cie