The New Earth and her warriors of Light & Love

An except from Alana Fairchild´s Earth Warrior Journal…

Earth warriors are part of a new spiritual generation. They are a unique soul group, united by shared qualities, rather than by age, culture, gender, religion or philosophy. Earth warriors are particularly respectful and honouring of the sacred feminine in her form as Mother Earth. They are kind and loving, especially towards animals and human beings that need additional protection from abuse of power. Earth warriors are a beautiful combination of gentleness, wisdom and fierce, sacred rage that gives them a courageous voice and enough awareness to stand up and make the truth known. Earth warriors are truth speakers, and it is loving kindness that motivates them to be sacred rebels.

Earth warriors are the guardians and way showers of the new world - of a new human culture based on the sacred wisdom of protection, connection, respect, love and spiritual integrity. They see right through the false glitter of status or object worship. They are interested in what is real for the soul. They prioritise relationships and the support of the tribe above money and worldly power, and because of this, they have spiritual empowerment.

Earth Warriors are the soul conscience of humanity.

They emit a certain type of heart light that helps humanity to remember what truly matters. They hold the power of certainty that when we use our voice, our talents, our hearts and whatever we have at our disposal for the greater good, things happen, situations change, and we need not feel intimidated or silenced by forces of greed, hate or fear.

These are my people. I am theirs. Earth warriors on our ascension path, finding our way back into Light and Love & healing ourselves back into wholeness as we go, so we can be sovereign & live out this life in Divine Prosperity. Free to BE who we are, DO what we came here to do with Grace and in ease & flow and allowing the HOW to unfold with trust and surrender.

Rising up in frequency from the depth of our darkest shadow aspect to radiance personified. Literally glowing, fully embodied with the Light and Love of God within us.

These are the men and women that I have connected through my life: wisdom keepers, medicine elders, mystic truth seekers, priestesses, coaches, healers, mentors, magical tourism people whose mere presence lights up a room.

If you resonate with this truth, welcome.

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